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A complete ERP software suite, relying on over 25 years of experience and continuous inspiring feedback from our over 45.000 users.

Oracle and Qlik partnerships,

as well as the daily hard work of over 350 specialists in our development and implementing network, guarantee the state-of-the-art technical level, stability and accuracy you aim to.

New version – WME 20.002

The stabile version of WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE 20.002 is available to download here or from the Download section.

New version – Statements 221.04

The new version of the declaration application includes corrections in D112 for cases concerning companies that apply facilities in the field of construction and have allowances related to the state of emergency.

New versions – PAYROLL 887.05 and STATEMENTS 221.02

PAYROLL 887.05 includes corrections regarding the calculation of the tax in the case of non-taxable employees who are technically unemployed or Iu and corrections to the method of calculating the CAM contribution for construction companies.

New versions: PAYROLL 887.03 and STATEMENTS 221.01

PAYROLL 887.03 includes changes to the structure of the database. These are needed to be able to configure new UI and IT allowances in UI and IT contracts in D112. For this reason, it will be necessary to recalculate salaries in the months when there are childcare allowances or technical unemployment benefits in a state of emergency.

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