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New version – STATEMENTS 223.08

This version allows the declaration in D112 of the special premiums – emergency stimulus in the dedicated field in section E: “11.1 Risk incentive for doctors, medical staff, paramedical staff, including auxiliary staff, directly involved in transport, equipment, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of patients infected with COVID-19 during the state of emergency “.

Your data is and will always be safe!

2020 has been a complicated and challenging year for everyone. A year in which, in addition to the new coronavirus that endangers human health, we had to protect ourselves (and help you protect yourself) as well as possible from a number of computer viruses. Therefore, we are pleased to inform you that, starting with 16.12.2020, the company TH JUNIOR SRL has been certified compliance with the provisions of ISO 27001 for the information security management system.

New versions – STATEMENTS 223.06 and PAYROLL 893.01

The new version STATEMENTS 223.06 includes a number of corrections to D112, concerning certain cases, which you can consult here, and the new version kit is available here. *** The version of PAYROLL 893.01 includes various salary corrections as well as new options, such as the ability to automatically fill in the document agent as […]

New version – STATEMENTS 223.04

The new version STATEMENTS 223.04 contains a number of corrections including: declaration of the tax on secondary offices viewing the information in the annexes completing the insured section in which a person with several employment contracts within the company ceases to work during a month in which he has no working day The complete list […]

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