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Oracle and Qlik partnerships,

as well as the daily hard work of over 350 specialists in our development and implementing network, guarantee the state-of-the-art technical level, stability and accuracy you aim to.

New version PAYROLL 884.02

We have made salary corrections for the technical unemployment benefits of Emergency and Emergency Delivery, in various combinations. Also, we corrected the calculation without facilities of the technical unemployment allowance in emergency, in case of construction companies.

New version WME 19.027

WME 19.027 contains the modifications according to the Order no. 705 of March 11, 2020, for the approval of the model and the content of the form (390 VIES) “Recapitulative statement on intra-Community supplies / purchases / services”.

ANAF – Information on filing of tax returns

Today, 21.03.2020, ANAF issued a press release announcing that, together with the Ministry of Public Finance, they have decided to give up the proposal to extend the deadline for submitting statements.

We are here with you, even if from home!

Like you, we are concerned about the “virus” situation around us, therefore we are taking all the measures to protect your health and ours and to ensure the continuity of activity. Most of our colleagues are now working from home, but the work programme remains unchanged.

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