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This module allows the analysis of the company’s activity from a point of view other than the accounting enrollment. It is based on cost centers and analysis elements associated with multi-level analysis projects. The projects structure is established considering the detailing needs and information grouping for each company, according to its specific activity and is defined by analysis descriptors. The analysis configuration of the Expert module implies generating at least one analysis project that defines the degree of detail for assignments on income or expenditure.

  • The results lead to an increase in decisions quality, starting from synthetic images on a center level and ending with analytical images for the centers’ composing elements
  • Analysis projects can be budgeted, thus following the targets achievement
  • The simple usage of cost centers allows the enrollment of automatic accounting records, depending on the purpose of the expenditure, so that any accounting list helps highlight the expenses by cost centers and divisions; selecting the cost centers is a process automated through a particular configuration of the accounting accounts, of the divisions, of the inventory items, or using templates that allow the identification of the right cost center, depending on accounts combinations, divisions or inventory items
  • You can define templates for distributing expenditures, to divide proportionally the utilities bills
  • The expert reviews can be automated though user specific configurations and the fairness of the repartitions and the ignored values is carried out in a centralized manner, on a company level
  • There are two types of Cash–flow that can be used – a classical operational flow and a weekly flow, independently or combined, depending on the desired detail level.
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