The Reports module, through its flexibility and ease in configuration, makes it possible for the user to create any necessary report, by  customizing the over 325 predefined reports.

  • Each report can be saved in an unlimited number of versions, representing customizations of the basic report. The customized reports obtained through ordering, grouping, centralizing, filtering, adding or deleting extra columns can be grouped in sets. These sets organize the multitude of versions appeared on themes of exploitation, according to the domain of the questions they respond to
  • The application allows defining new columns starting from linked tables of a report. Also, you can link new tables to existing ones and you can also define columns from them.
  • Exporting the reports in different formats makes it possible for the user to further process the information and send it to decision makers who do not access the  WME application directly.
  • Using reports jobs increases the flexibility and performance of the database interrogation, in order to maximize the exploitation of the system’s information.
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