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  • Automatically registering accounting affidavits for all entered documents
  • Automatic records of expenditures in advance
  • Accounting records for European projects through special suppliers accounts
  • Generating the 300, 390 and 394 statements, as well as financial reports and mandatory accounting reports
  • Verifying, in accordance with the ANAF database, the tax registration numbers from Romania, from the European Union and for partners using, or not, the VAT on collection system
  • Setting the standard balance for a month considered closed, to highlight accidental changes of the already reported situations
  • Accounting balances separated on subunits, if necessary
  • Balance – accounting year, depending on the starting month of the accounting year, other than January, useful for companies making reports in other accounting systems
  • Managing and keeping track of several companies within a holding.
  • Joint venture companies.

Inventory management

  • Quantitative value inventory records
  • Global value inventory records – automatic calculation of the price differences coefficient
  • The possibility of using different management methods: FIFO, LIFO, IDS, WAC, per value
  • Multiple measuring units, with automatic transformation of the price and quantity based on specified parities
  • Inventory management according to packaging/storage measuring units
  • The characteristics of an item can be highlighted analytically and in a flexible way, by using attributes.
  • Mechanisms for obtaining quantities by calculation with sizes on three levels, for every order or entry, with further exploitation in production and deliveries
  • Blocking the sale for certain inventories if they do not meet certain criteria (expired, without authorization)
  • Delivery control by tracking packages and distributing them with their own transportation resources
  • Inventory records by series, shelf life and expiration dates
  • Defining several price lists and using them according to commercial criteria, automatically applying promotional prices
  • Defining equivalent items and using them on documents
  • A complex discount system for each subunit.

Customers and suppliers

  • Defining the partner once, whether it is a client or a supplier, the difference being the document in which it appears
  • Controlling credits receivable by blocking the sale on multiple criteria
  • The possibility to attach several headquarters to the same partner and visualize the status for each one
  • Contacts, delegates and bank registration for each partner
  • Payment terms/discount percentage set as default on a partner level
  • Credits on sale given to customers, with warnings for exceeding credit limits.
  • Consulting, at any time, the customer and supplier sheets, in RON or foreign currency
  • Verifying, at any time, the credits receivable and the accounts payable
  • Strict automatic accruals for foreign currency balances, according to the current legislation.


  • Records of treasury operations in RON and foreign currency with automatic accruals for foreign currency balances
  • Credit lines control
  • Records of receivable/transferable notes
  • Drawer with checks and promissory notes without accounting records of these payment/collection promises
  • Treasury advanced payments and prepayment notes management
  • Manual and automatic clearing operations generated by different criteria
  • Settling insignificant partners’ balances
  • BNR exchange rate automatic update for all currencies.
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