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  • Compound items/networks on a single level set the technological production process: production sections, raw material consumption, materials and semi-manufactured, labor, residual products, measuring charts, specific regulations for supplying each consumed material
  • Complex projects are used within a production structured on several levels of execution, with the calculation of theoretical execution time by Gantt charts
  • Precalculating the production price is based on existing inventory and offers from suppliers and it results in filling in the reference price from the prescriptions and the monthly pre-established price from the items nomenclature.


  • Orders from customers or Production provisions from the inventory declared as launched into production and with an associated production project, allow reserving raw materials, semi-manufactured items or items from the inventory and supply requests for materials no longer in inventory. The resulting supplier orders will generate automatically reserved inventory for the specific customer order.
  • The launching scenarios/Simulation of launching scenarios option groups launched items by items classes, transportation routes to beneficiaries, with a record of the transportation loading and generates internal orders
  • Automatic production launchese generate internal orders for every node of multi-level items associated with customer orders
  • Internal orders represent the launching into production of items or semi-manufactured with the related recipes
  • Scheduling the manufacturing process allows grouping the already launched internal orders according to several specific parameters: delivery term, raw material/semi-manufactured inventory, loading the equipment
  • Establishing the production necessary, detailing and planning it daily allows having a weekly production plan for finished products, establishing recipes for items previously planned and launching internal orders for every day of the week, associating supply norms and generating supply transfers, accordingly.


  • Consumption outputs are generated according to recipes, with the possibility of using equivalent materials and, supplementing the necessary consumptions from the recipes, if needed
  • Production reports – labor highlight the labor carried out in between different production stages; records can be kept in a centralized manner, by divisions or for each employee individually
  • Production inputs record obtaining products, semi-manufactured or residual products in accordance with the launched internal orders
  • Rejection notes record distinctively the rejects resulting from the production process
  • Weighing allow interfacing with several scales for a controlled recording of consumptions or of the achieved production
  • The unfinished production allows an automatic calculation of the materials and labor consumption that do not reflect in the obtained production
  • Post-Calculation is based on a complex route for distributing the expenditure between auxiliary sections and production sections, finally materialized in management accounting (class 9)
  • Ensuring the necessary materials for the production process allows managing the necessary supplies and selecting the best supply routes by using information from offers, sales, orders and contracts or directly from the existing inventory. Orders to suppliers, based on the necessary supplies, automatically reserve the needed inventory due to arrive
  • Reporting the production achievements/labor allows an automatic and centralized generation of the production documents: consumption notes, labor reports, rejection notes, production deliveries as well as transfers between divisions or orders for subunits for ensuring the necessary consumption
  • The differences in production prices between the products and semi-manufactured registered price and the materials and labor effective costs can be recorded for balancing the initial theoretical values with the real production values.
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