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WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE® also includes an application for car rental companies. It is the first 100% Romanian product of the niche answering its specific demands and it is fully integrated with the WME basic module.

The core of the WME Rent-A-Car app is the reservations form for all car rentals.

Coordinating daily activities is simplified by the operational dashboard, which contains: the total of the active vehicles within the division, vehicles rented, vehicles available, vehicles unreturned, out of service, in sales cycle, transferred to other divisions, transferred from other divisions, the rental percentage, awaited transfers, maintenance to come, maintenance overdue, maintenance planning, confirmed reservations, unconfirmed reservations, non-invoiced reservations, open reservations, specific date takeovers, specific date handing over.

For management, there is the management dashboard, where, besides the operational information, it is possible to track the following: awaited income, accumulated income, cashed amounts, due amounts.

The Gantt diagrams analysis allow obtaining intuitive images about the activity of renting by various criteria. The reservation type is highlighted in different colours: customer, subscription, courtesy, shuttle, transfer, internal usage, repairs.

The reports module is ample and allows interrogating the database through reports 100% custom-made by the user.

Any report can be analysed by filtering the desired information on display; it can also be printed or exported in several standard formats (XLSX, PDF, HTML).

The app is available in both English and Romanian.

Here you can read the documentation.

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