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It works as a  Bussines Inteligence connector that allows access to the data export procedures, from WME to the BIapplication.

  • Allows saving the  reports jobs with a dynamic name, for storing the reports basic tables. The parameters for creating the dynamic name allow entering the warehouse name, the report interval and the report subunit
  • You can store reports tables for each month and subunit, for a subsequent concatenation of the results for the yearly reports, or cumulatively, on a company level, without the need for generation for the closed months
  • The DWH button on the WME reports, allows access to reports created through reports jobs, directly from the menu. If there are  stored reportsWME  displays the existing storages and asks the user if he wishes to rapidly display them or he wants to generate a new report
  • Allows the user to create his own reports and integrates them into the application menus; they work just like the default  WME reports.
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