WME interfaces to all such devices currently on the market.

  •  Management of all situations encountered in practice, namely:
    • Invoices generated for information purposes, based on the issued fiscal receipt
    • Invoices immediately collected entirely through fiscal receipt issued by the cash register
    • Invoices subsequently collected, entirely or partially through fiscal receipt issued by the cash register
  • Discharge is carried out on cash inventory
  • The cash registers can be connected to a multitude of scale typesPOS-uri, barcode readers.
  • WME allows working with cash registers both online and offline
    • Online – used when there is a direct connection between the software and the cash register, the latter functioning like a fiscal printer. The receipts are added and printed by the cash register directly from  WME. aily sales are automatically retrieved at the end of the day.
    • Offline – used when there is no direct interaction between the software and the cash register. Previously, the items with their selling prices are registered by the cash register. The receipts are issued manually in this case.
  • The module keeps records of the customers’ loyalty points. Points are granted depending on the sales value, and the bonus depends on the number of points.
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