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The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) manages the customer and potential customer relations and can store the history of each customer regarding the opportunities, the offers, the orders, the contracts, the invoices, the tasks and the exchanged emails.

  • During the marketing campaigns it is possible to analyze the estimated and the real expenses by confronting them with the input documents, the orders and the consumption notes.
  • Within the opportunities, you can define each step of the negotiation with a specific customer, from the initial presentation to the acquisition or loss of the partner. From the opportunity you can generate the customer offer, during the offer stage, and the customer order and/or the subscription contract, during the negotiation stages.
  • Planning the agents’ activity within the company can be recorded/verified and quantified through tasks. The module allows automatically checking an employee’s availability when assigning him/her a task, depending on other opened or unsolved tasks of that specific user, as well as the available working hours. When closing a task, the module generates a service invoice.
  • Within the company, the agents can be warned through messages or emails if a deadline is due in a certain number of days and it is possible to trace their activity and the workload by following each person’s tasks.
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