Basic Hardware and Software Recommendation

These requirements allow the WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE to operate in a multi-location system (including multifirm), having the following structure from the information point of view:

Minimum server configuration for headquarters

Operating system Microsoft Windows server 2003 R2, Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Database server Oracle Database 11g Standard Edition One Server
Processor Quad Core Intel 2.5GHz or equivalent
Memory 4GB
Data storage unit 2 x HDD 7200rpm RAID1 MIRROR

Minimum workstation configuration for the regional office

Operating system Microsoft Windows XP SP3 sau Windows 7 SP1
Database client Oracle Database Standard Edition One Client
Processor Single Core Intel 2GHz or equivalent
Memory 2GB
Data storage unit 1 x HDD 7200rpm

Backup, backup, backup!

In the field of information technology, doing a “backup” means making a backup for a data set that can be used later in order to arrest the original in the event of an unforeseen event causing the loss or alteration of the integrity of that data set .

Storing the backup on the same physical support as the original data set is not recommended because there may be unexpected events such as fire, theft, electrical shocks that will affect both the original data set and the concurrent backup . That’s why we recommend making multiple backups, which you store on different storage media in multiple locations.

We recommend automatic backups at certain time intervals, because manually backed up executables introduce the possibility of human error.

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