The Extended Support Program for the WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE package includes maintenance and technical support.


New versions of programs
WME customers who have opted for an Extensive Support agreement benefit from all patches, updates, upgrades, enhancements, revised versions, with upgrades related to legislative updates and / or added functionality following the current version of the package of the WinMENTOR ENTERPRISE programs and appeared during the validity of the Extended Support service, free of charge.

New versions can be downloaded from work sites: www.wme.ro, ftp.winmentor.ro or ftp2.winmentor.ro, or any other website of the producer.

Bug fixes
In the case of verifiable and reproducible program errors, customers receive support for bug reporting and correction.

Once bugs have been corrected, the solution may be temporary (eg, intermediate executable), or as a new version of the programs, including possible configuration and usage instructions for implementing the bug fix.


Immediately after the end of the program implementation period, customers receive technical support by email and telephone (through on-demand remote support solutions).

Read all the details of the Extended Support program

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