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Oracle and Qlik partnerships,

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D112 – work in progress after latest ANAF ammendments

On 30.05.2019, ANAF amended Software A, Software J and Annex validations according to the Joint Order of 23.05.2019 of the Minister of Public Finance no. 2165, the Minister of Labor and Social Justice no. 837 and the Minister of Health no. 743, valid from 01.04.2019.

Checking the functioning of the STATEMENTS application

Lately, Microsoft’s repeated operating system updates have shown incompatibilities between these operating systems and certain components used to protect the DECLARATION application.

New versions – Payroll 868.02 and STATEMENTS 212.05

The new program versions appeared after the change in the way ANAF implemented the 114/2018 order in the D112 statement, with effect on the salary calculation for construction companies: the revenues taken into account for the application of facilities are not just those for which the CAS is calculated, in addition, the percentage of the CAM specified in the ordinance, in the case of the application of facilities, has not been enacted.

Happy Easter

We want Easter Holidays with joy, peace and light, along with your dear ones!

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