WinMENTOR … for computers barely used to accounting!

The WinMENTOR ERP software package is specifically designed for networking and can be installed on Windows-based computers.

Top specialists in management and accounting offered their expertise for the development of our software products. Whatever your business, be sure WinMENTOR is perfectly suitable for it!

Our young development team found the appropriate solutions to enable almost everyone, regardless of their knowledge in accounting and management, to use the suite once it has been installed under competent supervision. Think for yourself: once the data in the primary documents have been introduced in the dialog boxes, the suite automatically generates the accounting and inventory management registries that can be visualized at once!

New version – STATEMENTS 214.01

The new version STATEMENTS 214.01 enables the generation of Statement 112 according to OPANAF nr. 2227/2019.

New versions – WinMENTOR 871.01 and STATEMENTS 213.06

Version WinMENTOR871.01 includes changes to the moduleSalaries, according to GEO 43/2019, with the exception of incomemonthly gross exceeding RON 30,000. This case will be implementedafter the appearance of D112.

New version – STATEMENTS 213.01

The new version STATEMENTS 213.01 enables the generation of Statement 112 according to Order 2165 of 10.05.2019.

New version – WinMENTOR 870.01

The WinMENTOR 870.01 version includes modifications in the Payroll module. These include the addition of new types of contracts, the possibility of automatic collection of income and working days needed to calculate sickness benefits, as well as the correction of the deduction calculation defined as % of the wage bill.

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