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WinMENTOR … for computers barely used to accounting!

The WinMENTOR® ERP software package is specifically designed for networking and can be installed on Windows-based computers.

Top specialists in management and accounting offered their expertise for the development of our software products. Whatever your business, be sure WinMENTOR is perfectly suitable for it!

Our young development team found the appropriate solutions to enable almost everyone, regardless of their knowledge in accounting and management, to use the suite once it has been installed under competent supervision. Think for yourself: once the data in the primary documents have been introduced in the dialog boxes, the suite automatically generates the accounting and inventory management registries that can be visualized at once!

New version – WinMENTOR 892.01

WinMENTOR 892.01 includes the working method for the days off obtained by parents according to GEO 147/2020, the record of the remaining vacation days from previous years, the record of overtime remaining to be compensated from previous months, as well as other developments on the timekeeping and conditions payroll.

STATEMENTS 223.01 – new version

The new version of STATEMENTS 223.01 includes the updating of Statement 112 according to Joint Order no. 2814/1536/1806 of MFP / MMJS / MS, published in M.Of.1005 / 29.10.2020, valid starting with the reporting month 10/2020.

Employee parents – allowance according to GEO 147/2020

We updated the documentation on “State of emergency alert – Allowances and way of working” by including in point E the allowance for employed parents who can benefit from days off under the conditions specified by GEO 147/2020. The solution is similar to the allowance with code 996 according to Law 19/2020, the differences consisting in the allowance code, which will be 997, and in the fact that for these amounts the facilities in the field of constructions apply.

ANAF changes to D112

In the evening of 04.11.2020, the structure of the D112 statement and the version of DUK Integrator were updated, according to the joint Order no. 2814/1536/1806 of MFP / MMJS / MS, published in M.Of.1005 / 29.10.2020, valid starting with 01.10.2020.

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