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DOC-IMP-SERVER is a distinct module functioning as a documents import server for projects aiming to interface various applications with WinMENTOR®.

It is a DCOM server containing functions that help:

  • consulting data from the WM database
  • updating catalogs or issuing documents

The WinMENTOR database structure is highly complex, which emphasizes the usefulness of such a server, allowing programmers to develop applications that perform data consulting and updating in absence of significant knowledge of the WinMENTOR data structures or the connections and relationships between tables.

Data transfer between applications to be interfaced and DOC-IMP-SERVER is done through Olevariant data blocks, which basically are string arrays containing information concatenated by “;”.

Depending on the desired development specificity programmers receive – as a support – a project containing examples of DOC-IMP-SERVER connection and basic functions launching procedures.

Functions to be used in achieving desired results, as well as the structure used for data sending and receiving, will also be specified.

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