As its name suggests, the RESTAURANT module is intended for the management of the activity within a restaurant, the application being connected to the WinMENTOR® database.

The application interface is adapted for touch screen monitors and allows carrying out all the processes relevant to this domain (the graphical representation of the table layout, the recording of customer orders, the automatic listing of the ordered items on the printers of the divisions which will prepare them, listing bills, etc.).

The waiters’ access to orders can be password protected, and by introducing the term “supervisor”, it is possible to prevent certain operations that can lead to fraud. The registration of the cash register listed certificates directly into the WinMENTOR database allows, at the end of the day, to be able to download inventory, merge client payments on different forms of payment, download raw materials inventory into the products recipes database and automatically record specific accounting data.

The application allows the listing of analytical and synthetic statements on restaurant sales in the desired interval, showing the distribution of these sales by rooms, tables and waiters.

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