The working possibilities that this module offers users, completely cover the commercial departments’ most complex solicitations. This way, the commercial sale-purchase contracts, as well as those of operational and financial leasing, are fully covered. Also, the partners’ (suppliers, customers) offers, orders and contracts can be fully managed.

Here are some specific facilities for distribution companies:

  • Automatically granting discounts or rising sales prices depending on various criteria;
  • Work with multiple prices items and with default price categories;
  • Automatic registration of parcel taxes (weight, value, declared value, refund taxes, etc.);
  • Tracking warranties on sale;
  • Generating invoices for clients’ orders within the limit of available stocks, ordered by delivery terms;
  • Generating sales invoices;
  • Automatic billing for subscription services;
  • Generating invoices for installments sales/purchases;
  • Generating invoices for leasing sales/acquisitions.

The specific reports of this module provide the user with the advantage of getting detailed information about the company’s trading results:

  • Necessary inventory, critical stocks, stocks in course of depletion, idle inventory, inventory forecast based on comparable periods;
  • Partners’ follow-up: payments/collections, unpaid supplier/indebted customers;
  • Invoices to be received/to be issued;
  • Inputs/outputs reports by
  • company
  • and by divisions;
  • Top sales/cashing in RON and foreign currencies;
  • Top clients/suppliers;
  • Orders to suppliers/from customers, ongoing orders, orders from and to subunits;
  • Sales record on specific periods, the average collection period per sales agent, sales history by item and by partners.

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