Dear WinMENTOR® user,  

The entry into force of the GDPR regulation from 25.05.2018 implies obligations on all those who are in a position to treat their employees’ personal data. According to this regulation, we are in a situation where TH JUNIOR SRL / INFO MENTOR SRL, as developers of the WinMENTOR applications pack, are authorized operators of personal data (ie of those who own the databases that we are sent to treat / troubleshoot, etc.).

The same Regulation provides that operators of personal data (ie your company, as owner of the databases that we should treat / debug) are required to send to the empowered (ie TH JUNIOR SRL / INFO MENTOR SRL) the rules by which they wish to treat the personal data included in the documents / databases they entrust to them within the bilateral contractual ties.

In order to support you in this endeavor, we provide you with a standard document designed by us to ensure that we comply with the provisions of the GDPR regulation and set a legal framework for our future collaboration.

Operators working with TH Junior SRL can download the document here.

Operators working with INFO MENTOR SRL can download the document here.

Please complete this document and then ask your legal representative to sign it and send it to us at GDPR@winmentor.ro. If you agree to this document, please tick the box. If you want to sign / stamp the document and send it back to you, please specify this in the body of the email.

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