EXPERT is a WinMENTOR® module that allows a business activity analysis from a point of view different from accounting. The detailed classification applied to the company’s values provides a thorough picture of the analyzed centers, whether they are “cash flow”, “follow-up contracts” or any other type. The graphic presentations available within the “REPORTS”, highlight the differences between the amounts received and the amounts spent for a specific purpose. The visual presentation of these results leads to a higher decision-making quality, starting with synthetic images at the center and ending with analytical images for the centers’ components.

Starting from the identification of an analysis center’s components, the path of input and operational results goes through the following “bridgeheads”:

  • Budgeting monthly expenses and long-term revenue (quarterly plan, half-yearly, yearly, or why not, a five years plan!);
  • follow the budget classification;
  • examine the reasons which lead to the exceeding of the budget.

For example, we intend to answer a question that haunts all employers: “If my profit and loss account shows x millions, how come my account is empty?”

In practice, if you want to estimate the costs and the revenues, first you generally must identify the elements centralizing the business’ accounts, from a practical point of view.


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