WinMENTOR® is an ERP type management software package, designed to comply with current market requirements, providing prompt and easy access to all available resources. The suite includes integrated tools for storage, analysis and fast information reports, allowing managers quick access to accounting and administration data.

The simple and compact platform on which the suite was developed, invests the product with reassuring working stability under all operating systems. The integrated suite is developed under Delphi (visual programming environment). Specially created for networking in both local and remote working modes, it can be used on computers with any Windows operating systems.

The interconnectivity of all WinMENTOR modules and the software’s connection to various types of peripheral devices (cash registers, barcode readers, data collection terminals, etc.) emphasize the simplicity of gathering initial data and transmitting information, as well as handling accounting and inventory management data.

Furthermore, the WinMENTOR team is capable to rapidly analyze, develop and test special requirements and valuable ideas sent by end-users. Our partners and clients can be considered, almost without exception, among those who permanently contributed to continuously enhancing the capabilities of the product.

MENTOR may be used for wholesale trade and retail, industrial and agricultural production, financial audit, hotels & restaurants, services, automotive representatives, construction companies, etc.
Designed to accommodate the users who have developed their production activity, the module offers the possibility of assisting them in succeeding the following steps:
The working possibilities that this module offers users completely cover the commercial departments' most complex solicitations.
WME interfaces to all such devices currently on the market.
As its name suggests, the RESTAURANTS module is intended for the management of the activity within a restaurant, the application being connected to the WinMENTOR database.
EXPERT WinMENTOR module that allows a business activity analysis from a point of view different from accounting.
The AUTO GARAGE module works along with WinMENTOR, containing only the specific procedures of the auto garage activity
The CAR FLEET module allows fleet management and fuel consumption estimates, based on the normed daily activity sheets (DAS).
WM EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a new application created by the WinMENTOR team, to meet the demands of its clients - suppliers of big retail networks.
The PAYROLL module allows the employees' salaries calculation, giving the user the opportunity of choosing between recording them directly into the WinMENTOR database and inserting them manually, through accounting notes.
The FIXED ASSETS module allows the automatic calculation of the amortization of the company's fixed assets and inventory objects, in a linear, accelerated or digressive regime.
DOC-IMP-SERVER is a distinct module functioning as a documents import server for projects aiming to interface various applications with WinMENTOR.
The STATEMENTS application includes:
The link between BASE and SATELLITE - designed for the synchronization of the two parallel developing databases - can be done through data packets, prepared by the coupling procedures within the SATELLITE module and transmitted through Internet or on magnetic media.
The DATA MERGE module allows listing a cumulative balance for a group of several companies within the WinMENTOR nomenclature.
Budget execution is addressed to any economic units wishing to conduct their activities under a plan of income and expenditure, especially public institutions.
The COURIER module aims to solve the problem of generating the shipping bulletin (AWB) by automatically charging the courier services, depending on the carrier used, the delivery destination and package characteristics.
WMAdmin has the ability to automatically update existing database updates for a company-specific list. It is a vital component for users who are currently working with a large number of businesses.

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